About Route2Jobs

In India, on an average 2 to 2.5 crore candidates appear for various Job entrance exams like Bank P.O., Bank Clerical, Railways, MPSC, UPSC and many other exams every year for vacancies available in various sectors. Jobs in government sector are highly popular because of the security of job associated with them, where people employed have an opportunity for steady career growth & honor. Nowadays, along with government sectors, private sector companies also conduct their own entrance exams to recruit people. Different Jobs from different sectors require specific skill-sets. Each Job Entrance Exam has different rating or evaluation criteria. Hence, it becomes necessary for a job aspirant to prepare with focus on a specific job entrance exam to achieve better success.

Understanding this need of job exam preparation program, Jaro Education has developed “Route2Jobs” – Experience DUAL benefit of learning (classroom & online sessions) for various job entrance exams like Bank P.O./Clerical, LIC/GIC, Railways, MPSC, and other exams along with adequate career opportunity guidance.

Route2Jobs offers:

• Preparation Material for job entrance exams like Bank P.O./Clerical , UPSC, MPSC, Railways & others

• Dual Mode of learning i.e. Classroom & online sessions

• Lectures by well known faculties

• Attend online lectures ,Practice tests & Model tests multiple times

• Summarized study material

• Online GD/Personal Interview sessions
Jaro’s dual mode of learning is in demand because:

• Ensure 100% success through Dual mode of learning i.e. Classroom & Online sessions.

• Better Learning & Revision – Every lecture can be attended 2 times & practice test 3 times for better understanding and learning. Even 2 hours prior to exam one can re-attend the required lectures.

• Time saving – One can learn from home or college or anywhere at their own convenient time.

• Self-paced learning module – One can set their own speed for studies

• Pause allowed – For unavoidable interruptions, one can pause the lecture or test

• Tricks and easy way outs – Provided for all topics.

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