Route2Job’s Online Classroom Lectures – An easy and convenient way of learning and clearing bank entrance exam

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Technology has taken Indian education sector to new heights. The necessity to go to an educational institute for attending lectures has been replaced by online classroom lectures, where a working professional or a student can sit at home, and attend online classroom lectures. Plus, he can clear his doubts online.

Looking at the penetration level and effectiveness of online medium, Jaro Education, one of the top-class educational institutes in providing online education, has come out with an innovative program called Route2jobs for the candidates appearing for the bank exams; namely for the post of bank clerical exam and bank probationary officer exam.

Jaro Education’s Route2jobs program consists of:

  • Online classroom lectures – Online classroom lectures are delivered by the eminent professors who are expert in their field of teaching and have vast experience. The best aspect of Route2jobs program is that candidates can view lectures at a time and place of their convenience. Also, the lectures are explained with the help of simple examples so that relearning or honing of mathematical concepts along with analytical ability and polishing of communication skills become easier.
  • Online Topic Tests: This helps to gauge preparatory level and understanding of the candidates pertaining to different topics.
  • Online Subject Tests: This helps to gauge preparatory level and understanding of the candidates pertaining to different subjects.
  • Online Model Papers: Candidates can check out online model papers. This may help them to understand what kinds of questions are set in bank exam.
  • Soft Skill Training: Although some candidates may be good at solving mathematical and analytical related questions, their communication skills may not be good enough to match the level required for clearing bank exam. In case of bank probationary officer exam, the difficulty level is one tad above clerical exam. Hence, preparing in a rigorous manner to meet the communication level and to have the language skills required to clear bank probationary officer exam are very essential. Above all, the soft skill, communication and language skills, plays a major in clearing personal interviews.

In a nutshell, taking assistance from Jaro Education can prove out to be the best bet if one is unsure about how to go about preparing for bank exam – be it for clerical or probationary officer’s post. Above all with vast experience under the belt, Jaro Education teaches what is required to pass bank entrance exam.

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Why approach an experienced player like Jaro Education for clearing bank clerical entrance exam?

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There are some candidates who study very hard for the written exam for bank clerical entrance exam, giving less importance to the personal interview. Also, there is another category of candidates who just memorize mathematical formulas and are under the false assumption that they can solve any mathematical or analytical problems in the Bank Clerical Entrance Exam. Besides, there are few candidates who just keep studying without knowing the syllabus – where a chapter of a subject starts and where it ends. For such categories of people, it is a better idea to approach a coaching institute which assists students for clearing bank exams.

Jaro Education for clearing bank clerical entrance exam

It is better to opt for a coaching institute such as Jaro Education because it has a vast experience in guiding students and helping them to whizz through the bank clerical entrance exam – be it helping them to prepare for personal interview or helping to solve mathematical problems or guiding them on syllabus. To be precise, Jaro Education, an ISO certified 9001:2000 educational institute, has been assisting candidates to clear the bank clerical exam easily through its initiative called Route2jobs program. This program is an online program so candidates can check it online and view it as per their convenience.  Also, since the lectures are taken by highly qualified professors, they are well explained. In addition, being aware of the fact that students will be out of touch with mathematical related concepts, special attention is given to them. Furthermore, the concepts are taught at a slow pace, keeping in mind the students’ capability to understand a topic in a single lecture. Various examples are used to explain the same. Above all, in order to ensure that all mathematical concepts have got ingrained in the minds of students, a mock test is conducted. This also helps to find out the preparatory level of the students. Besides, even tips are given on how to clear personal interview. This is done to avoid a situation where a student is only prepared for written exam but not for personal interview.

To sum up, Jaro Education uses all the possible methods – lectures, mock interview, and mock tests – to ensure that the students are well prepared for the entrance exam.

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Jaro’s Route2jobs program – your bank exams training guide

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If you are one of those guys who is confused about what to do after graduation, then, probably, working in a private or nationalized bank can be one of the good options. This is because banks are located everywhere. In addition, the number of banks in India has been increasing as India has become a major hub for trading. This with more number of banks entering India; the opportunities for employment have gone up. One of the best features about bank’s position is that you can get promotion after writing internal bank exams. Thus, opting for a clerical or probationary officer’s post will be a good option.

How to prepare for bank exams?

It is difficult to crack bank exams for probationary officer’s position unless one is very good at mathematics and communication. Therefore, it would be always a good idea to take help of a coaching class such as Jaro Educational institute which has been training students who have been appearing for bank entrance exam.  In regards to the same, Jaro Education has come out with a bank exams training guide called Route2jobs program. Route2jobs program is an online program which contains both online lectures and aids for clearing exam related to clerical or probationary officer’s position. With this bank exams training guide, a student can view lectures by logging into the website as much time as he wants. This would help him to understand the underlying concepts related to various topics – be it mathematical or quantitative or analytical problems. In addition to this, there is also a doubt solving session. During doubt solving session, students can talk to the professors about their doubts and get their doubts clarified.

For testing how good a student has prepared for the exam, the bank exams training guide – Route2jobs program – also has mock tests, and dummy personal interviews and group discussions.  All these ensure a complete training is given to the students so that they can perform well in the bank exams. Besides, students are also given tips, and taught some tricks so that students can complete exam paper on time.

To summarize all, Jaro Education’s bank exams training guide – Route2jobs program – has been structured by top and experienced experts in such a way that it equips students with all the required methods and concepts so that they can whizz through the bank exams easily.

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All you ought to know about selection procedure of a bank’s competitive entrance exam

February 9, 2012 1 comment

Before attempting a bank’s competitive entrance exam, it is very essential for a candidate to have knowledge about the subjects and the kinds of questions that will appear in the exam. In other words, he should know whether there are going to be questions related to Mathematics, English and Analytical Reasoning only or even interview and group discussion will be conducted. This is because in case of a bank’s competitive entrance exam for the post of clerk, mostly, there are only questions related to Math, English, Clerical Aptitude, and Analytical Reasoning. If a candidate passes in the exam, whose questions are based on the subjects given above, then he is called for a personal interview. Based on his performance on the interview, he is selected. The procedure is almost similar even in case of a bank’s competitive entrance exam for the post of bank probationary officer. Some differences in the selection procedure for the post of bank probationary officer are:

a. The difficulty level of questions related to different subjects’ is tough

b. In addition to personal interview, most of the banks also conduct group discussion for the post of probationary officer

Although one may have some understanding regarding how to solve mathematical problems and answering questions related to English language, it is always better to approach a coaching class such as Jaro Education when it comes to clearing bank competitive entrance exam. This is because an institute such as Jaro Education offers best training through its initiative called Route2jobs program so that students have in-depth understanding to answer questions related to different subjects.  The best aspect of Route2jobs program is that being aware of the fact that students might have forgotten concepts and equations in mathematics taught to them during their school days, it includes sessions to brush over the concepts of mathematics again.

Some other exclusive factors which Route2jobs program offers are:

a. Doubt solving session every weekend

b. Mock tests

c. Mock interviews and group discussion sessions

All in all, Jaro Education’s Route2jobs program ensures that students can get all the required training so that they have a thorough understanding of solving mathematical and analytical problems, including English paragraph writing. In addition to this, mock tests, interviews, and group discussion help to work on a student’s weakness and strengthen them. All these makes Route2jobs program a complete package which no other institute offers!

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Essential factors you need to know for clearing bank competitive entrance exam

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Although many candidates attempt a bank’s competitive entrance exam for clerical or probationary officer post, not all are able to clear the exam with high marks. There are only a handful of them who sail through the competitive entrance exam easily. But why is it so? What is the reason? Not surprisingly, the answer to this is quite simple. Generally, most students find it difficult to answer the questions related to the following subjects, which are as follows:

  • Mathematical problems or quantitative aptitude
  • General English
  • Analytical reasoning
  • Interpretation of data
  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Marketing aptitude

However although answering questions to all these subjects may seem difficult, it is not so if proper guidance is taken from an expert or institute. The benefits of joining an institute are innumerable as they not only teach but also hold tests regularly. Jaro Education, an ISO certified 9001:2000 educational institute, is one such institute which trains candidates appearing for a bank’s competitive entrance exam. More importantly, Jaro Education has introduced a program known as Route2jobs with an aim to make students understand basic concepts related to the subjects. The main objective of this unique initiative is to remove that irrelevant level of fear and uncertainty which students carry while facing questions related to the certain subjects during bank competitive entrance exam. For the same, in the course of Route2jobs program, students are trained through online lectures. In addition, students can get their doubts cleared on weekends by directly talking to the professors.

Besides these subjects, Jaro’s Route2jobs program also gives training on how to give answers to the descriptive test, which consists of:

  • Essay writing
  • Letter writing
  • Paragraph writing or answering questions after reading a couple of paragraphs

Above all, to strengthen the concepts related to quantitative aptitude and descriptive test, mock tests are conducted. This helps students to understand where they stand and how much more work they have to do in order to get high marks in competitive entrance exam.

In  summary, obtaining high marks in bank competitive entrance exam is not difficult if you have the right guide such as Jaro’s Route2jobs program with  you!

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Cracking Bank Probationary Officer Entrance Exam with Jaro’s Route2Jobs program

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The number of banks in India has grown up considerably compared to the number of banks a decade ago. Thus, the percentage of vacancies for different positions right from clerical post to officer’s post has increased. Although there are many vacancies for different positions in banks, the number of applicants for different posts outnumbers the available posts by a huge margin every year.  This is because India is a country with a big population and people from different states in India apply for a position in a bank. Thus the competition is huge when it comes to getting a job; especially, for the students who have completed graduation.

But if one is confident about himself and knows what to say in an bank interview, getting an officer’s job will not be difficult at all. Also one can take assistance of an educational institute such as Jaro Education for the same. Jaro Education is an ISO certified 9001:2000 educational institute which helps students to crack Bank Probationary Officer Entrance Exam and a bank’s clerical exam through its program called Route2jobs. Although there are a few institutes that assist students to pass Bank Probationary Officer Entrance Exam and a bank’s clerical exam, most of them just handover course materials to the students and ask them to prepare for the exams. On the other hand, Jaro’s Route2jobs program consists of online lectures to make students understand the basic concepts related to a subject and doubts clearing session on weekend. Students can make use of online lectures facility to view the lectures as per the time and place of their convenience.  Also, students can view the lectures again and again for better understanding of the subject. Besides these, the doubts clearing session on weekend will help students to get their doubts clarified from the professors directly.

Jaro’s Route2jobs program give special emphasis to the subjects such as general knowledge, quantitative aptitude and analytical reasoning, as some students find it difficult to answer questions related to these subjects at Bank Probationary Officer Entrance Exam. Also, the lecturers with a vast experience will teach students certain tricks to make quick calculation in the mind for mathematical problems. These will help students to solve mathematical problems quickly.

Thus with all these and more unique methodologies, cracking Bank Probationary Officer Entrance Exam is possible – courtesy Jaro’s Route2jobs program.

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Can solving online model papers help to clear bank exam?

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Nowadays, it has become a trend to solve model papers to clear any exams – be it GRE, GMAT, CAT, SAT, etc. However when it comes to bank exams, the available sample papers are limited. More importantly, every year, the paper is set in such a manner that questions which appeared in the last year are not repeated this year; especially, for probationary officer’s post. Thus, even after the availability of sample question papers, there is no guarantee of getting high marks in the bank exams.

In such cases, taking help of a coaching class or educational institute such as Jaro Education would prove out to be handy. Jaro education is an ISO 9001: 2000 certified educational institute which assists students appearing for bank exams through its innovative program called Route2jobs program.  Route2jobs program is a complete package for students appearing for bank exams because it consists of online lectures, doubt solving session, mock tests – solving online model papers session, and mock interview.

Above all, Jaro Education has experienced professors who have a fair knowledge about the kind of the questions that will appear in bank exams – be it for clerical position or probationary officer’s post. To elaborate, the professors working in Jaro Education have a vast experience in teaching and training students for various kinds of examination. Also, they have been in the field of coaching students for various bank exams from many years. Thus, these professors set online model papers or mock tests or sample test papers for bank exams which have different types of questions based on different concepts – be it mathematical or analytical or paragraph writing. For example, for a mathematical concept, numerous types of questions can be set. Usually, a student on his own may not be able to envisage different types of numerical problems associated with a mathematical concept. More importantly, by solving online mock test or online model papers set by the professors, the students will have a good understanding of the questions they can expect in the exam. Also in case, if the students have some doubts related to any questions in the online model papers, they can get it clarified during the doubt solving classroom sessions.

To sum up, taking help of educational institute such as Jaro Education would be very helpful if one is attempting bank PO exam or bank clerical exam.

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