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How Jaro Education’s Route2jobs program will help you to clear bank clerical entrance exam?

February 20, 2012 Leave a comment

Gone are the days when one used to get a job at recommendation of known people. Nowadays, be it any post, a written exam in form of aptitude test and personal interview are almost a must to get job in any organization. Even for a bank clerical post or bank clerical entrance exam, preparation of the topics in the following subjects has to be done:

1. Analytical Reasoning: In this test, logical reasoning of a candidate will be tested. In addition, it will also test how good a candidate is in answering analytical questions.

2. Quantitative or Mathematical Aptitude: In this test, ability of a candidate to solve mathematical questions will be tested. Thus, a candidate has to be acquainted with different techniques to solve mathematical problems.

3. Descriptive test: Through this test, acquaintance of the candidate with national and international topics, and other knowledge will be checked.

4. Basic Computer Concepts: This will be used to assess the computer knowledge of the candidate. Only elementary questions related to computer and programming languages will be asked.

5. Basic Marketing Techniques: A candidate’s understanding about marketing will be assessed.

6. Personal interview

To sum up, just cursory preparation or getting passing marks in bank clerical entrance exam will not help a candidate to get a clerical job. A candidate has to be well prepared in all the subjects for getting high marks in bank clerical entrance exam which will ensure a definite job in bank.

In regards to the same, taking help from a coaching institute such as Jaro Education which assists candidates in clearing bank clerical entrance exam will be a wise idea. Jaro Education has been assisting candidates to clear bank clerical entrance exam from a long time through its initiative called Route2jobs program. Route2jobs program is an online assistance through which candidates can learn from anyplace at any time.  Also, Jaro has best faculties who are experts in their own field. Besides, candidates can clear their doubts through online interactive doubt clearing session which is held every weekend. Above all, Jaro Education’s Program will equip students with useful tips and trick which will help candidates to crack the bank exam easily.

To sum up, Jaro Education’s Route2Jobs program is a well structured program which will take candidates’ exam preparation level to greater heights from where they can see no marks of failure.

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Why approach an experienced player like Jaro Education for clearing bank clerical entrance exam?

February 13, 2012 1 comment

There are some candidates who study very hard for the written exam for bank clerical entrance exam, giving less importance to the personal interview. Also, there is another category of candidates who just memorize mathematical formulas and are under the false assumption that they can solve any mathematical or analytical problems in the Bank Clerical Entrance Exam. Besides, there are few candidates who just keep studying without knowing the syllabus – where a chapter of a subject starts and where it ends. For such categories of people, it is a better idea to approach a coaching institute which assists students for clearing bank exams.

Jaro Education for clearing bank clerical entrance exam

It is better to opt for a coaching institute such as Jaro Education because it has a vast experience in guiding students and helping them to whizz through the bank clerical entrance exam – be it helping them to prepare for personal interview or helping to solve mathematical problems or guiding them on syllabus. To be precise, Jaro Education, an ISO certified 9001:2000 educational institute, has been assisting candidates to clear the bank clerical exam easily through its initiative called Route2jobs program. This program is an online program so candidates can check it online and view it as per their convenience.  Also, since the lectures are taken by highly qualified professors, they are well explained. In addition, being aware of the fact that students will be out of touch with mathematical related concepts, special attention is given to them. Furthermore, the concepts are taught at a slow pace, keeping in mind the students’ capability to understand a topic in a single lecture. Various examples are used to explain the same. Above all, in order to ensure that all mathematical concepts have got ingrained in the minds of students, a mock test is conducted. This also helps to find out the preparatory level of the students. Besides, even tips are given on how to clear personal interview. This is done to avoid a situation where a student is only prepared for written exam but not for personal interview.

To sum up, Jaro Education uses all the possible methods – lectures, mock interview, and mock tests – to ensure that the students are well prepared for the entrance exam.

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Give an edge to your bank clerical entrance exam preparation through Route2Jobs

December 30, 2011 Leave a comment

India is flooded with many nationalized banks including some scheduled banks. Every year they come out with hundreds of vacancies in various posts where the percentage of vacancies for clerks is the most. Opting for a bank clerical entrance exam will give you employment for your lifetime with steady growth and honor and reputation of working in a bank. Also, the options are endless when you choose this field as a profession.

The age requirement for appearing for a bank clerical entrance exam is between 18 and 28 years. You can give this exam as many times as you want till you succeed but only till when you are agreeing with the eligibility terms and conditions set by the banks. Banks generally prefer the citizens of India as applicants for this exam. S.S.C, H.S.C and graduate pass outs from any discipline are eligible for this exam.

The following subjects have to be prepared while appearing for a multiple choice questions based bank clerical entrance exam:

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Data Sufficiency
  • Data Interpretation
  • Reasoning
  • General English
  • General Knowledge / Awareness
  • Basics of computer knowledge
  • Marketing aptitude

For the descriptive test, following areas are covered:

  • Essay writing
  • Letter writing
  • Precis writing or Paragraph writing

Through these subjects, the bank tests your basic ability to understand and execute the clerical work in an efficient way.

Various institutes have stepped into the field of coaching required for bank clerical entrance exam. Route2Jobs developed by Jaro Education is one of those first institutions to acquire an ISO 9001:2000 certification in this field. The objective of this institute is to bring you 100% success in the examination through fast paced learning sessions and simplified study material. If you opt for a package from this institute then you can have the freedom to attend the lectures, practice tests and mock tests for model question papers for multiple times. The experienced lectures will throw lights on simple tricks to crack the exam and prepare you for facing the group discussion as well as personal interviews through dual learning sessions i.e. classroom as well as online.

So, why wait as the time flies by? Visit the nearest Jaro Education centre today and step the first ladder of your success.

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How to successfully clear the bank clerical exams?

November 26, 2011 Leave a comment

One of the major careers for those who opt to grow in the field of finance is in the banking industry. Banks are present in every part of the country and the industry itself offers unparalleled variety in both building a career as well as developing it. An easy way to start a career in banking is to clear the bank clerical exams.

Due to the sheer expanse of the territory they cover, banks are probably the greatest recruiters when it comes to hiring on a year on year basis. To scan and select the right candidates for employment, most banks hold an annual clerical exam. The clerical exam is a written exam that will test the candidate’s knowledge broadly on four subjects namely, reasoning, numerical ability, use of the English language and clerical aptitude. While higher importance will be given to the scoring in the reasoning and numerical ability sections of the written paper, the candidate will have to score passing marks in all the sections individually to be considered as to have cleared the exams.

In order to successfully clear the bank clerical exams, the candidate will have to prepare not just rigorously but also smartly to take on the challenge. It is not possible for any one person to have in depth knowledge of all the subjects being tested. For this reason, it would be an intelligent idea to take guidance from any person or an organisation offering specialized tuitions in taking banking exams. Jaro Education is one of the premier educational institutions in the country that offers expert coaching for the clerical exams.

Understanding the need to prepare students rigorously, Jaro Education conducts lectures and online practice exercises. These online practice exercises, conducted at regular intervals are aimed at giving the students a rough overview of the real exams and will enable the candidates to understand their weaknesses and prepare accordingly.

Just like the actual exams, the online practice exercises conducted by jaro Education also have the same sections of reasoning, numerical ability, English and clerical aptitude sections. Taking these online practice exercises helps the students to judge not only their capability in each subject and their speed in answering the questions but also get a general notion on their improvement and rate of improvement.

Thus, availing oneself of the coaching facilities provided by Jaro Education is an effective way to clear the bank clerical exams.

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