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How mock test will help you to score high marks in bank PO exam?

February 27, 2012 Leave a comment

Many candidates who have appeared for bank entrance exam for probationary officer’s post are of the view that they are not able to finish the bank exam questions on time. The reason for the same being they are not able to finish a question in a few minutes which is a must for attempting all questions in bank PO exam and also for scoring high marks in bank PO exam. In addition, many lament that there are many mathematical questions and logical questions that require application of a mathematical concept in different ways or deeper analysis of the question. Without any kind of exposure or training to solve difficult questions and to finish all questions on time, candidates find themselves in the lurch. Aptly put, they have no control over the timing to answer each question, and have no clue about types of questions that would appear in the question paper.

To overcome this problem, taking mock tests before bank PO exam would help a candidate a lot. This is because mock tests help a candidate to analyze his strengths and weaknesses, and accordingly helps to prepare for the bank PO exam.

Which institute’s mock test is the best?

Usually, it would be better if a person opts for coaching package for bank PO exam instead of mock test alone. This is because mock test is generally part of a coaching package for bank PO exam. More importantly along with mock test, one would also get rigorous training in form of lecturers and sample online papers  which would ensure that a candidate scores high marks in the bank PO exam.

Although there are many institutes for coaching candidates for bank PO exam, Jaro Education rates in the list of top institutes which is known for its unique and innovative methodology to coach candidates for bank PO exam.  The unique and innovative methodology of Jaro Education is known as Route2jobs program. Jaro’s Route2jobs program comprises of:

  • Classroom Lectures: This helps to get better understanding of topics in various subjects
  • Online Topic Tests, Subject Tests and Model Papers
  • Soft Skill Training: This will help candidates to clear group discussion and personal interview
  • Mock Test: This will help to strengthen a candidate’s  conceptual understanding

It is better to be prepared with Jaro Education’s Route2jobs program rather finding oneself dabbling in the exam!

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Can solving online model papers help to clear bank exam?

February 4, 2012 Leave a comment

Nowadays, it has become a trend to solve model papers to clear any exams – be it GRE, GMAT, CAT, SAT, etc. However when it comes to bank exams, the available sample papers are limited. More importantly, every year, the paper is set in such a manner that questions which appeared in the last year are not repeated this year; especially, for probationary officer’s post. Thus, even after the availability of sample question papers, there is no guarantee of getting high marks in the bank exams.

In such cases, taking help of a coaching class or educational institute such as Jaro Education would prove out to be handy. Jaro education is an ISO 9001: 2000 certified educational institute which assists students appearing for bank exams through its innovative program called Route2jobs program.  Route2jobs program is a complete package for students appearing for bank exams because it consists of online lectures, doubt solving session, mock tests – solving online model papers session, and mock interview.

Above all, Jaro Education has experienced professors who have a fair knowledge about the kind of the questions that will appear in bank exams – be it for clerical position or probationary officer’s post. To elaborate, the professors working in Jaro Education have a vast experience in teaching and training students for various kinds of examination. Also, they have been in the field of coaching students for various bank exams from many years. Thus, these professors set online model papers or mock tests or sample test papers for bank exams which have different types of questions based on different concepts – be it mathematical or analytical or paragraph writing. For example, for a mathematical concept, numerous types of questions can be set. Usually, a student on his own may not be able to envisage different types of numerical problems associated with a mathematical concept. More importantly, by solving online mock test or online model papers set by the professors, the students will have a good understanding of the questions they can expect in the exam. Also in case, if the students have some doubts related to any questions in the online model papers, they can get it clarified during the doubt solving classroom sessions.

To sum up, taking help of educational institute such as Jaro Education would be very helpful if one is attempting bank PO exam or bank clerical exam.

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Benefits of entering the banking career through the bank clerical exams

December 20, 2011 Leave a comment

A bank job is one of the most sought after jobs, not just in today’s times, but has been such since at least the last two decades. One primary reason for its popularity is that it is one of the few careers that pay a high salary even to employees at the beginner level. The economy being what it is and with inflation going up day after day, a well paying job is one of the first lookouts for a person beginning a career. Another reason why a bank job is popular is because it allows people to balance their work and personal lives.

There are two ways by which a person can enter the banking profession. The person may enter the banking industry as a probationary officer or enter through the clerical cadre by clearing the bank clerical exams.

It is easier and more beneficial to enter the banking industry through the bank clerical exams. One benefit is that more bank clerical posts are created yearly as compared to positions for officers, so there is a higher chance of succeeding.

Another benefit of going through the bank clerical exam is that the exams are not as rigorous as they are for the officer’s exams or MBA exams. Also, there are no group discussions or several rounds of competitive tests if one goes through the bank clerical exams. On successful qualification at the examination, the candidate is directly appointed to the bank based on the openings that get created.

The benefits of entering the banking industry inspire thousands of people to appear for these exams year after year. While there are many openings, there is also tough competition, hence creating a subsequent need to prepare oneself completely and thoroughly to take on these exams.

One way to prepare oneself is to take up the bank clerical coaching that is being offered by Jaro Education. An ISO 9001 certified organisation, Jaro Education has been conducting coaching sessions for bank clerical exams for a long time. The coaching sessions are structured to offer subject wise and topic wise coaching for all the sections of the exams. In order to reach out to the students living away from Jaro Education’s centers, the classes are offered online so anyone can access the lectures from any place through the internet.

Clearing the bank clerical exams is now so much easier with the coaching provided by Jaro Education.

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