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Route2Jobs Online Subject test – Your reliable aid for strengthening concepts to clear bank exam

February 17, 2012 2 comments

Of late, with the kind of economy growth India has achieved, the number of employment opportunities has gone up. This is particularly true in banking sector as the number of banks in India has increased. Be it clerical post or probationary officer post, the vacancy for all posts has seen a rise. Thus, nowadays, most people consider career in banks as a wise option as it validates job security and decent salary.

There are different types of banks in India; some are international banks, some are private banks and some are national banks. Although recruitment process for each kind of banks is different. The recruitment process for nationalized bank has almost remained the same as it was a few years ago. Be it for clerical or probationary officer’s post, a written exam consists of questions related to Analytical Reasoning, Quantitative or Mathematical Aptitude, Descriptive test, Basic Computer Concepts, Basic Marketing Techniques. In addition, a personal interview is conducted. In case of probationary officer exam, group discussion is also conducted.

Although questions related to these subjects may appear difficult to crack, it is not so. Not surprisingly, many candidates ask that, is there an easy way to crack bank exam. Though there is no easy way to clear bank exam, there is a smart way to clear it without any difficulty. The solution for it is Jaro Education’s Route2jobs program. Jaro Education provides thorough and concentrated coaching to candidates through Route2jobs program so that they can score high marks in bank entrance exams. Route2jobs program consists of regular online lectures and online subject test. Through Route2jobs program, candidates are trained to do well in all the aspects of the exam – be it written exam or personal interview. Online subject test is a mock test conducted for each subject. In other words, online subject test is conducted to test skills of a candidate in subjects such as General Knowledge, Math, English, and analytical reasoning. Most importantly, the program’s online subject test allows candidates to understand their level of preparation for bank exam and helps them to prepare accordingly.  Thus online subject test assesses the candidates on each skill set.

To sum up, with training on how to clear written exam and personal interview clubbed with online subject test, candidates can have a balanced preparation to whizz through bank exam effortlessly.

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All you ought to know about selection procedure of a bank’s competitive entrance exam

February 9, 2012 1 comment

Before attempting a bank’s competitive entrance exam, it is very essential for a candidate to have knowledge about the subjects and the kinds of questions that will appear in the exam. In other words, he should know whether there are going to be questions related to Mathematics, English and Analytical Reasoning only or even interview and group discussion will be conducted. This is because in case of a bank’s competitive entrance exam for the post of clerk, mostly, there are only questions related to Math, English, Clerical Aptitude, and Analytical Reasoning. If a candidate passes in the exam, whose questions are based on the subjects given above, then he is called for a personal interview. Based on his performance on the interview, he is selected. The procedure is almost similar even in case of a bank’s competitive entrance exam for the post of bank probationary officer. Some differences in the selection procedure for the post of bank probationary officer are:

a. The difficulty level of questions related to different subjects’ is tough

b. In addition to personal interview, most of the banks also conduct group discussion for the post of probationary officer

Although one may have some understanding regarding how to solve mathematical problems and answering questions related to English language, it is always better to approach a coaching class such as Jaro Education when it comes to clearing bank competitive entrance exam. This is because an institute such as Jaro Education offers best training through its initiative called Route2jobs program so that students have in-depth understanding to answer questions related to different subjects.  The best aspect of Route2jobs program is that being aware of the fact that students might have forgotten concepts and equations in mathematics taught to them during their school days, it includes sessions to brush over the concepts of mathematics again.

Some other exclusive factors which Route2jobs program offers are:

a. Doubt solving session every weekend

b. Mock tests

c. Mock interviews and group discussion sessions

All in all, Jaro Education’s Route2jobs program ensures that students can get all the required training so that they have a thorough understanding of solving mathematical and analytical problems, including English paragraph writing. In addition to this, mock tests, interviews, and group discussion help to work on a student’s weakness and strengthen them. All these makes Route2jobs program a complete package which no other institute offers!

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Can solving online model papers help to clear bank exam?

February 4, 2012 Leave a comment

Nowadays, it has become a trend to solve model papers to clear any exams – be it GRE, GMAT, CAT, SAT, etc. However when it comes to bank exams, the available sample papers are limited. More importantly, every year, the paper is set in such a manner that questions which appeared in the last year are not repeated this year; especially, for probationary officer’s post. Thus, even after the availability of sample question papers, there is no guarantee of getting high marks in the bank exams.

In such cases, taking help of a coaching class or educational institute such as Jaro Education would prove out to be handy. Jaro education is an ISO 9001: 2000 certified educational institute which assists students appearing for bank exams through its innovative program called Route2jobs program.  Route2jobs program is a complete package for students appearing for bank exams because it consists of online lectures, doubt solving session, mock tests – solving online model papers session, and mock interview.

Above all, Jaro Education has experienced professors who have a fair knowledge about the kind of the questions that will appear in bank exams – be it for clerical position or probationary officer’s post. To elaborate, the professors working in Jaro Education have a vast experience in teaching and training students for various kinds of examination. Also, they have been in the field of coaching students for various bank exams from many years. Thus, these professors set online model papers or mock tests or sample test papers for bank exams which have different types of questions based on different concepts – be it mathematical or analytical or paragraph writing. For example, for a mathematical concept, numerous types of questions can be set. Usually, a student on his own may not be able to envisage different types of numerical problems associated with a mathematical concept. More importantly, by solving online mock test or online model papers set by the professors, the students will have a good understanding of the questions they can expect in the exam. Also in case, if the students have some doubts related to any questions in the online model papers, they can get it clarified during the doubt solving classroom sessions.

To sum up, taking help of educational institute such as Jaro Education would be very helpful if one is attempting bank PO exam or bank clerical exam.

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Save valuable time by studying through online lectures

January 25, 2012 Leave a comment

How often has it happened in your life that you have not been able to follow a dream just because you did not have the time? How many times have you looked at the interview call or at the announcement of yet another round of entrance exams, and turned away because you did not have the time to prepare for the exams? Thousands of people across the country go through the same issue like you.

Stress has become a large component of everyone’s life. Be it about finding the right job, or about handling the various stakeholders at a work place, or even about handling life outside of work, life has become increasingly stressful. Long hours that we put in at work, and even longer hours spent travelling for work leaves us with no time to do much else. But this is no reason to stash away your dreams of building your career.

Sometimes, it may happen that you have taken up your present job because you had to do something. But in reality, you were actually interested in following a career in banking. But now the work pressure is so high, time is so short that you are not sure if you will have the ability to clear the exams or even have the time to prepare for the exams.

In reality, clearing the bank exams is not as difficult as it seems. You just need the right preparation .The best way to prepare for these exams is to seek guidance from someone who has also succeeded at these exams or who has been coaching people regularly for these exams. It would be of greater advantage if these could be provided at the time convenient to you.

Jaro Education, an ISO 9001 certified educational institution, has been coaching students successfully for many years. Keeping in mind the various demands on time, the institution offers coaching through online lectures. Through these online lectures, Jaro Education aims to provide coaching to candidates to brush up their fundamentals and prepare for the exams.

The online lectures are taught by highly qualified faculties who are subject matter experts. These online lectures are conducted individually for different subjects and every topic in each subject is dealt with separately and expertly. These procedures make it possible for students to prepare for the exams at their own pace.

Opt to study with Jaro Education for flawless coaching and effective time management.

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Get guaranteed success through Bank Clerical Entrance Exam Coaching from Jaro Education’s Route2Jobs

January 5, 2012 Leave a comment

Every year banks in India are coming out with many vacancies for the clerical post. Considering the employment scenario in India and less number of opportunities available in different sectors, a clerical job in bank is no less in reputation than any other job of same level and scale. Additionally, other perks like decent salary, no worries regardless the present economy of the country, assured payment during the first week of every month, various growth opportunities in same sector or other sectors and honor in the society makes this job very much in demand.

It is true that you can appear for this exam as many times you want provided you meet the eligibility requirements. But, don’t miss the valuable chances by giving yourself mendacious console that you will prepare everything by yourself and if you miss a chance this time you will appear and definitely pass next time by learning the mistakes done during this chance. A better alternative is bank clerical entrance exam coaching. Bank clerical entrance exam coaching taken from experts will not only save your valuable time but also lead you to the successful path.

Jaro Education’s Route2Jobs is one of those experts in the field of bank clerical entrance exam coaching that will take your exam preparation to greater heights from where you will see no marks of failure. The summarized study material developed by Jaro Education is designed under the valuable guidance of industry experts and experienced faculties.

Following are the various packages available at Route2Jobs for bank clerical entrance exam coaching that are tailored to suit your requirements in a cost effective way.

  • Bank Clerical – Online Full Package
  • Bank Clerical – Weekend Classroom Coaching
  • Bank Clerical – Weekdays Classroom Coaching & Online Full Package
  • Bank Clerical – Online Video Lectures
  • Bank Clerical – Online Test Series
  • Bank Clerical – Weekdays Classroom Coaching

You can choose any of these packages that will assist you in your preparation for bank clerical entrance exam coaching. You can access study materials anytime from any place with just few clicks on the internet. Above all, Jaro’s coaching will equip you with some handy and easy to remember tricks to crack the bank exam easily. So, do not let time and a golden opportunity to slip through your hands, join Jaro’s Route2jobs program to crack bank exams easily.

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Give an edge to your bank clerical entrance exam preparation through Route2Jobs

December 30, 2011 Leave a comment

India is flooded with many nationalized banks including some scheduled banks. Every year they come out with hundreds of vacancies in various posts where the percentage of vacancies for clerks is the most. Opting for a bank clerical entrance exam will give you employment for your lifetime with steady growth and honor and reputation of working in a bank. Also, the options are endless when you choose this field as a profession.

The age requirement for appearing for a bank clerical entrance exam is between 18 and 28 years. You can give this exam as many times as you want till you succeed but only till when you are agreeing with the eligibility terms and conditions set by the banks. Banks generally prefer the citizens of India as applicants for this exam. S.S.C, H.S.C and graduate pass outs from any discipline are eligible for this exam.

The following subjects have to be prepared while appearing for a multiple choice questions based bank clerical entrance exam:

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Data Sufficiency
  • Data Interpretation
  • Reasoning
  • General English
  • General Knowledge / Awareness
  • Basics of computer knowledge
  • Marketing aptitude

For the descriptive test, following areas are covered:

  • Essay writing
  • Letter writing
  • Precis writing or Paragraph writing

Through these subjects, the bank tests your basic ability to understand and execute the clerical work in an efficient way.

Various institutes have stepped into the field of coaching required for bank clerical entrance exam. Route2Jobs developed by Jaro Education is one of those first institutions to acquire an ISO 9001:2000 certification in this field. The objective of this institute is to bring you 100% success in the examination through fast paced learning sessions and simplified study material. If you opt for a package from this institute then you can have the freedom to attend the lectures, practice tests and mock tests for model question papers for multiple times. The experienced lectures will throw lights on simple tricks to crack the exam and prepare you for facing the group discussion as well as personal interviews through dual learning sessions i.e. classroom as well as online.

So, why wait as the time flies by? Visit the nearest Jaro Education centre today and step the first ladder of your success.

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Here’s a solution for clearing bank exams – Route2jobs by Jaro Education

December 15, 2011 Leave a comment

Banking was sure a choice of career for the generation of 70s and 80s. Banking jobs were considered to be highly paid, secure and prestigious. But after late 90s, the scenario changed completely giving highest share to IT sector jobs. Nonetheless, banking industry has developed tremendously in Indian market with many players entering the market with each passing day giving a tough competition for other players. Hence, the employment prospects have not lessen down and still younger generation looks forward towards banking industry for getting posts and making a rewarding career in this sector.

A banking career comes with great career growth opportunities and higher salaries but the main task is getting a job in banks by clearing the written as well as oral marks. Aspirants have a certain belief that people having a background in finance and commerce can only crack these exams. But this is not true. Learning the basics of these exams will certainly help anyone to clear such exams. Various types of coaching methods are also employed by various institutes to help aspirants jot down the tricks to overcome the bank exams fever.

One such institute is Jaro Education, a premier educational institute, which offers coaching program called Route2jobs for the candidates who are planning to appear for bank exams. The preparatory classes included in the Route2jobs program are online classes that can be accessed from anywhere and at anytime. This flexible and convenient teaching method is suitable for professionals and students who need not to take a break from their busy schedules just for attending the coaching for preparing for bank exams.

In addition to this method, Route2jobs program also helps the aspirants to prepare for group discussions and interviews. Other benefits of Jaro Education’s online lectures for preparing for bank exams are:

  • One can pause the lectures in case of any emergency and resume it whenever required
  • The lectures can be viewed again and again even before two hours of the exam
  • Aspirants can utilize the doubt solving sessions conducted by Jaro Education
  • The reputed and experienced faculties at Jaro Education will teach you the simple tricks of cracking the mathematical problems thus saving your time and energy
  • The tests will be conducted by referring the previous year’s test papers to ensure that you get the right training for the right job

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