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Jaro Education’s Bank PO Entrance Exam Coaching – Get coached by the experts to become probationary officer in a bank

February 29, 2012 Leave a comment

The present job market of India is slowly becoming like foreign job market where a person can apply for a job of his interest. This has become possible mainly because be it any kind job in any sector, one can expect a decent salary. Not surprisingly, the craze to enroll for only IT jobs has considerably reduced. In other words, people, nowadays, look beyond IT jobs and even apply for other jobs such as bank jobs. However, the competition is huge when it comes to the post of probationary officer in bank. In fact although there are many banks all over India, for a single post of probationary officer in a bank, there are hundreds of applicants. Not surprisingly, each bank conducts its own bank PO entrance exam to select an appropriate candidate for the post of probationary officer. Thus the selection process is tough for the post of probationary officer in bank.

However securing high marks is possible when one is thorough with all the topics of all sections that are part of the syllabus of bank PO exam. The different sections in the bank PO exam are:

1. Analytical Reasoning

2. Quantitative or Mathematical Aptitude

3. English – Descriptive test

4. Basic Computer Concepts

5. Basic Marketing Techniques

Besides, even candidates have to clear group discussion and personal interview to be eligible for final selection.

Even though the path to reach the destination of getting the post of probationary officer may seem difficult, it is not so if one takes assistance of an institute such as Jaro Education which offers bank PO entrance exam coaching. Jaro Education’s bank PO entrance exam coaching is through Route2jobs program. Jaro Education’s bank PO entrance exam coaching has been designed to cover all topics which will be asked in bank PO exam – right from mathematical question to descriptive test to general knowledge question.

Route2Jobs  bank PO entrance exam coaching program’s comprises of:

  • Online Lectures
  • Online Subject-wise Tests
  • Online Model Papers
  • Soft Skill Training
  • Mock Test or Practice Session

To sum up, enroll in Route2Job’s bank PO entrance exam coaching program and let it’s coaching assist you to fulfill your dreams of working in a bank at a higher level!

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Three things that matter most at a bank entrance exam

December 19, 2011 Leave a comment

The fluctuation in the world economy is sending everyone racing. The huge cloud of doubt that hangs over the future is giving youth and college graduates the proverbial butterflies as they set out to plan their career. The looming threat of economic recession means that if you want to beat the recession, you must have a dependable job. The cut throat competition may not allow you too much time.

Among the various career options open in front of the fresh graduate or the young professional, a career in finance and especially in banking is an option that attracts many. Not only that the banking industry offers great career growth opportunities, but also in these times of economic fluctuation and uncertainty, a reliable bank job at any nationalized bank is a great source of strength and support.

Three things to do to get that bank job:

The first thing to do is to analyse the examination. You need to understand on which parameters you will be examined. Usually, at all bank entrance examinations a candidate’s skills in math, English, reasoning and aptitude are examined through a timed objective test. Secondly, you need to understand the specific requirements within each parameter. Usually, each section of the paper has different weightage and hence carries marks accordingly. You need to analyse these factors and allocate your time based on this so as to increase your chances of succeeding at the examinations. The third and the most important aspect is to train yourself to take the test, as only correct training and practice are the only things that will increase your success rate.

The exhaustive nature of the tests makes it difficult for people to study by themselves and it is a better idea to take Bank PO entrance exam coaching from someone who has the experience. Jaro Education, an ISO 9001 certified organisation, has been offering bank PO entrance exam coaching for many years. Drawing from its extensive experience, Jaro Education has structured the bank PO entrance exam coaching in such a way that the candidates get organized exposure on all the subjects. Additionally, the bank PO entrance exam coaching also comprises of preparation for the group discussion and personal interview.

To sum up, the bank PO entrance exam coaching offered by Jaro Education enhances the success rate for the candidate through informed and intelligent training and practice.

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