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Jaro Education’s Bank PO Entrance Exam Coaching – Get coached by the experts to become probationary officer in a bank

February 29, 2012 Leave a comment

The present job market of India is slowly becoming like foreign job market where a person can apply for a job of his interest. This has become possible mainly because be it any kind job in any sector, one can expect a decent salary. Not surprisingly, the craze to enroll for only IT jobs has considerably reduced. In other words, people, nowadays, look beyond IT jobs and even apply for other jobs such as bank jobs. However, the competition is huge when it comes to the post of probationary officer in bank. In fact although there are many banks all over India, for a single post of probationary officer in a bank, there are hundreds of applicants. Not surprisingly, each bank conducts its own bank PO entrance exam to select an appropriate candidate for the post of probationary officer. Thus the selection process is tough for the post of probationary officer in bank.

However securing high marks is possible when one is thorough with all the topics of all sections that are part of the syllabus of bank PO exam. The different sections in the bank PO exam are:

1. Analytical Reasoning

2. Quantitative or Mathematical Aptitude

3. English – Descriptive test

4. Basic Computer Concepts

5. Basic Marketing Techniques

Besides, even candidates have to clear group discussion and personal interview to be eligible for final selection.

Even though the path to reach the destination of getting the post of probationary officer may seem difficult, it is not so if one takes assistance of an institute such as Jaro Education which offers bank PO entrance exam coaching. Jaro Education’s bank PO entrance exam coaching is through Route2jobs program. Jaro Education’s bank PO entrance exam coaching has been designed to cover all topics which will be asked in bank PO exam – right from mathematical question to descriptive test to general knowledge question.

Route2Jobs  bank PO entrance exam coaching program’s comprises of:

  • Online Lectures
  • Online Subject-wise Tests
  • Online Model Papers
  • Soft Skill Training
  • Mock Test or Practice Session

To sum up, enroll in Route2Job’s bank PO entrance exam coaching program and let it’s coaching assist you to fulfill your dreams of working in a bank at a higher level!

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All you ought to know about selection procedure of a bank’s competitive entrance exam

February 9, 2012 1 comment

Before attempting a bank’s competitive entrance exam, it is very essential for a candidate to have knowledge about the subjects and the kinds of questions that will appear in the exam. In other words, he should know whether there are going to be questions related to Mathematics, English and Analytical Reasoning only or even interview and group discussion will be conducted. This is because in case of a bank’s competitive entrance exam for the post of clerk, mostly, there are only questions related to Math, English, Clerical Aptitude, and Analytical Reasoning. If a candidate passes in the exam, whose questions are based on the subjects given above, then he is called for a personal interview. Based on his performance on the interview, he is selected. The procedure is almost similar even in case of a bank’s competitive entrance exam for the post of bank probationary officer. Some differences in the selection procedure for the post of bank probationary officer are:

a. The difficulty level of questions related to different subjects’ is tough

b. In addition to personal interview, most of the banks also conduct group discussion for the post of probationary officer

Although one may have some understanding regarding how to solve mathematical problems and answering questions related to English language, it is always better to approach a coaching class such as Jaro Education when it comes to clearing bank competitive entrance exam. This is because an institute such as Jaro Education offers best training through its initiative called Route2jobs program so that students have in-depth understanding to answer questions related to different subjects.  The best aspect of Route2jobs program is that being aware of the fact that students might have forgotten concepts and equations in mathematics taught to them during their school days, it includes sessions to brush over the concepts of mathematics again.

Some other exclusive factors which Route2jobs program offers are:

a. Doubt solving session every weekend

b. Mock tests

c. Mock interviews and group discussion sessions

All in all, Jaro Education’s Route2jobs program ensures that students can get all the required training so that they have a thorough understanding of solving mathematical and analytical problems, including English paragraph writing. In addition to this, mock tests, interviews, and group discussion help to work on a student’s weakness and strengthen them. All these makes Route2jobs program a complete package which no other institute offers!

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Get a high paying and secured bank job by taking assistance of Jaro’s Route2jobs program

February 3, 2012 Leave a comment

Most of us dream of getting a decent paying and secure job after competing graduation. But how possible is it to get a well paid job, soon after completing graduation. This is because it is a well known fact that a person usually gets a high pay after gaining experience. In fact a person is kept on probation period for some months before the company makes him a permanent employee. In such circumstances is it possible to get a high paying and secure job after completing graduation? The answer to this is yes through Jaro’s Route2jobs program.

Being an ISO 9001: 2000 certified institute, Jaro Education gives coaching to the students to clear Bank PO Entrance Exam. The coaching is given by well qualified faculties who teach unique methodologies for learning to get through the Bank PO Entrance Exam. Best feature of Jaro’s Route2jobs program is that attention is given to each student so that their conceptual understanding is strong and they remain undeterred and highly confident, worrying less about the type of questions that would appear on question paper.

Besides when it comes to working professionals, Jaro education is well acquainted with the fact they do not have time to attend lectures daily for getting trained to crack Bank PO Entrance Exam. Hence, Jaro’s Route2jobs program is an online program which allows candidates to view lectures online as 3 times. In addition, Jaro Education fully understands just by viewing lectures a student cannot understand a topic completely as he may have his own set of doubts related to the topic. Therefore keeping this in view, Route2jobs program also consists of doubt solving classroom sessions  wherein students can interact with the professors to get their doubts cleared. Thus, Route2jobs program offers both classroom and online sessions. In addition to all these, to test and strengthen the concepts of students, mock tests are also part of Jaro’s Route2jobs program. Therefore through continuous practice tests, candidates are equipped with the required skills to easily pass Bank PO Entrance Exam.

Jaro’s Route2jobs program has two packages:

a. One program which focuses on clearing exam related to probationary officer’s post

b. Another program to clear exam related to clerical position

To sum up: with the assistance of Jaro’s Route2jobs program, one can learn to crack Bank PO Entrance Exam easily.

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Sail through bank probationary officer exam with high grades by enrolling in Jaro’s Route2jobs program

February 2, 2012 Leave a comment

If you are one of those who have good knowledge about accountancy, and love to have a career dealing with money transfer and transactions, then considering a career in banking will be one of the good options; especially, becoming bank probationary officer will be a good option. For getting the position of bank probationary officer (PO), you have to clear bank PO exam held by banks each year.

In regards to the same, one can take help of a coaching institute such as Jaro education which has a vast experience in coaching students for bank PO exam. Being in the coaching industry from a long time, Jaro Education institute knows the exact methodologies to be implemented which would help a candidate to breeze through the bank PO exam easily. For assisting candidates to clear bank probationary officer exam, Jaro has launched a program called Route2jobs. Route2jobs program can be seen as a reliable aid which consists of unique way of teaching and equipping students with smart skills and knowledge so that their concepts are strong to crack the exam. Jaro’s Route2jobs program has also been made keeping in perspective the requirements and hectic schedule of working professionals who want to give a shot to bank probationary officer. In regards to the same and to avoid the tension of attending lectures daily, Jaro’s Route2jobs program consists of online lectures delivered by renowned lecturers in India. This eliminates the needs to attend class, skipping office work daily or college or travelling a long distance to attend lectures. In addition, to assist students for clearing their doubts, there are classroom sessions held for doubt solving  wherein students can get their doubts related to various topics solved.

Best part of Jaro’s Route2jobs program is that it teaches students to approach and solve mathematical and analytical problems smartly rather than taking laborious path of studying endlessly without any gains. Another feature of Jaro’s Route2jobs program is that it is made to strengthen a student’s knowledge so that he can attempt any type of twisted problems that may appear in the question paper. This is done by continuously testing students understanding and providing them with new types of question related to the topics present in Bank PO exam.

All in all, Jaro’s Route2jobs program has been designed to ensure a student has high level of preparedness and sails through the entrance exam easily.

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Route2jobs – Your best guide for clearing bank PO exam

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For many, getting a government job or bank job is like dreams coming true. The reason being it not only offers a plethora of opportunities but also is considered as one of the best jobs. In fact the opportunities presented by the bank jobs are the best due to its security aspect. Besides this, people working in banks get good perks and have better career prospects. This has been the trend from a long time in India. Not surprisingly, with India’s booming economy, the numbers of banks in India have gone up considerably, so has the employment opportunities. If you are one of those guys who would prefer to do bank job, then probably, you must give a shot at Bank PO exam. Clearing bank PO exam is not difficult at all, if you know what to study and how to study smartly. Although one can’t run away from hard work for getting through any exams, use of smartness with hard work may yield the desired result. The question is how?

The answer to this is Jaro’s Route2jobs program. Jaro Education is an an ISO 9001: 2000 certified institute, which has abundant experience in training students to clear bank PO entrance exams. Not surprisingly, the success rate has been on upward curve every year. To be specific, Jaro Education with its immense experience in coaching students knows the best ways to get the best out of the students.

More importantly, the coaching provided by Jaro Education is such that the candidates get exposure to all topics, subjects, and concepts which would be included in the bank PO exam. Besides, Route2jobs leaves no stones unturned to train students in the best possible way so that they can get through personal interview and group discussion easily. Furthermore, candidates are given guidance for topic-wise preparation; directions to manage time proficiently during the Bank PO exam; use of mathematical tricks to crack mathematical questions easily; and many more. Additionally, candidates are also given soft skills training for clearing written exams, group discussion and personal interview. Above all after initial level of teaching and guidance, mock tests are carried out so that students are well prepared to tackle the Bank PO exam.

To sum up, one can increase his chance of success by getting high marks in bank PO exam by making optimum use of Jaro’s Route2jobs program.

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