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Be familiar with the syllabus and selection procedure to do well in bank clerical exam

February 15, 2012 Leave a comment

Although many view that bank clerical exam is easy to pass, it is not so. In fact for clearing bank clerical exam, you should be acquainted with the nerve of the bank clerical examination which are:

a. Syllabus

b. Selection procedure

Syllabus & selection procedure for bank clerical exam

Usually, the syllabus of any bank clerical exam consists of questions related to the following topics:

1. Analytical Reasoning

2. Quantitative or Mathematical Aptitude

3. English – Descriptive test consisting of paragraphs. After reading the paragraphs, the candidate should write answers to the questions based on the paragraphs.

4. Basic Computer Concepts

5. Basic Marketing Techniques

Based on the performance in the written test and personal interview, a candidate is selected for clerical position.

Can coaching institute help you in clearing bank clerical exam?

Yes, taking help of coaching institute such as Jaro Education can prove out to be handy if you are unsure about how to go about preparing for bank clerical exam. This is because an educational institute like Jaro which has been in the business of coaching students knows the nerve of bank clerical examination very well. In fact with vast experience, it teaches precisely what is needed rather than covering everything and leaving the student confused.

Also if you are a professional who cannot attend daily or weekend lectures then Jaro Education’s Route2jobs program is an ideal package for you. The reason being Jaro Education’s Route2jobs program is an online program. So you can view it whenever you have time. Also, you can check out the lectures as many times as you want till it is available for viewing.

What differentiates Jaro Education’s Route2jobs program from other institute’s coaching program is that it holds mock tests so that students can gauge their preparation level. In other words, by giving mock tests, students come to know how well they are prepared for the exam and accordingly, they can take necessary steps. In addition, an online doubt solving session is held every weekend so that students can talk to the professors, discuss about various problems, and get their doubts clarified.

All in all, Jaro Education’s Route2jobs program has been designed in such a way that students are thoroughly acquainted with all topics related to which questions will appear. All these and more will ensure that students will get through the exam without any problems.

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