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With Route2Job’s competitive entrance exam coaching, scoring high marks in bank exams got easier

February 23, 2012 Leave a comment

Jaro Education, an ISO 9001:2000 certified educational institute, has gained reputation for being one of the innovative thinkers to mentor and guide candidates to pass bank entrance exams – for both clerical post and bank probationary officer post. Jaro Education assists candidates to clear bank entrance exam through its program called Route2jobs program. To simplify, Route2jobs program is a competitive entrance exam coaching for candidates who want to get through bank clerical exam or bank probationary officer exam.

Jaro Education’s initiative has been a big success with candidates appearing for bank exams. The reason being Jaro Education’s competitive entrance exam coaching program has helped most candidates to find the missing element – confidence – in themselves to clear the bank exam. To elaborate, usually, mathematical problems and language skills are barriers for the candidates as they find it difficult to solve math or analytical questions, and communicate with the interviewer in English fluently. Also, presenting oneself effectively or giving a smart answer to an interviewer’s questions during interview is something which most candidates find as another stumbling block. Since Jaro Education’s competitive entrance exam coaching program includes in-depth training to solve mathematical problems and soft skills training, it has helped candidates to solve math or analytical problems easily and present themselves effectively, as they are able to give appropriate answer to any questions asked by the interviewer.

Jaro Education’s Route2jobs program package

Route2Jobs’ competitive entrance exam coaching program consists of:

  • Online Classroom Lectures: The online mode of education eliminates the need for students to be physically present in the classroom for attending lectures. A candidate can view lectures sitting at home or while travelling. Thus, it gives candidates the freedom to attend lectures as per his convenience.
  • Online Topic Tests
  • Online Subject Tests
  • Online Model Papers 
  • Soft Skill Training: Through soft skill training, communication skills and language skills are strengthened. To be precise, this session has been designed to fortify candidate’s communication skills.
  • Mock Test: To strengthen student’s concepts, mock tests are carried out. This also helps candidates to gauge their preparatory level and weakness.
  • Mock Interviews: This helps candidates to understand how to answer a question asked by an interviewer smartly and to the point.

With all these and more, Jaro Education’s competitive entrance exam coaching program helps all candidates to whizz through the examination, without any hurdles.

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All you ought to know about selection procedure of a bank’s competitive entrance exam

February 9, 2012 1 comment

Before attempting a bank’s competitive entrance exam, it is very essential for a candidate to have knowledge about the subjects and the kinds of questions that will appear in the exam. In other words, he should know whether there are going to be questions related to Mathematics, English and Analytical Reasoning only or even interview and group discussion will be conducted. This is because in case of a bank’s competitive entrance exam for the post of clerk, mostly, there are only questions related to Math, English, Clerical Aptitude, and Analytical Reasoning. If a candidate passes in the exam, whose questions are based on the subjects given above, then he is called for a personal interview. Based on his performance on the interview, he is selected. The procedure is almost similar even in case of a bank’s competitive entrance exam for the post of bank probationary officer. Some differences in the selection procedure for the post of bank probationary officer are:

a. The difficulty level of questions related to different subjects’ is tough

b. In addition to personal interview, most of the banks also conduct group discussion for the post of probationary officer

Although one may have some understanding regarding how to solve mathematical problems and answering questions related to English language, it is always better to approach a coaching class such as Jaro Education when it comes to clearing bank competitive entrance exam. This is because an institute such as Jaro Education offers best training through its initiative called Route2jobs program so that students have in-depth understanding to answer questions related to different subjects.  The best aspect of Route2jobs program is that being aware of the fact that students might have forgotten concepts and equations in mathematics taught to them during their school days, it includes sessions to brush over the concepts of mathematics again.

Some other exclusive factors which Route2jobs program offers are:

a. Doubt solving session every weekend

b. Mock tests

c. Mock interviews and group discussion sessions

All in all, Jaro Education’s Route2jobs program ensures that students can get all the required training so that they have a thorough understanding of solving mathematical and analytical problems, including English paragraph writing. In addition to this, mock tests, interviews, and group discussion help to work on a student’s weakness and strengthen them. All these makes Route2jobs program a complete package which no other institute offers!

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Essential factors you need to know for clearing bank competitive entrance exam

February 8, 2012 Leave a comment

Although many candidates attempt a bank’s competitive entrance exam for clerical or probationary officer post, not all are able to clear the exam with high marks. There are only a handful of them who sail through the competitive entrance exam easily. But why is it so? What is the reason? Not surprisingly, the answer to this is quite simple. Generally, most students find it difficult to answer the questions related to the following subjects, which are as follows:

  • Mathematical problems or quantitative aptitude
  • General English
  • Analytical reasoning
  • Interpretation of data
  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Marketing aptitude

However although answering questions to all these subjects may seem difficult, it is not so if proper guidance is taken from an expert or institute. The benefits of joining an institute are innumerable as they not only teach but also hold tests regularly. Jaro Education, an ISO certified 9001:2000 educational institute, is one such institute which trains candidates appearing for a bank’s competitive entrance exam. More importantly, Jaro Education has introduced a program known as Route2jobs with an aim to make students understand basic concepts related to the subjects. The main objective of this unique initiative is to remove that irrelevant level of fear and uncertainty which students carry while facing questions related to the certain subjects during bank competitive entrance exam. For the same, in the course of Route2jobs program, students are trained through online lectures. In addition, students can get their doubts cleared on weekends by directly talking to the professors.

Besides these subjects, Jaro’s Route2jobs program also gives training on how to give answers to the descriptive test, which consists of:

  • Essay writing
  • Letter writing
  • Paragraph writing or answering questions after reading a couple of paragraphs

Above all, to strengthen the concepts related to quantitative aptitude and descriptive test, mock tests are conducted. This helps students to understand where they stand and how much more work they have to do in order to get high marks in competitive entrance exam.

In  summary, obtaining high marks in bank competitive entrance exam is not difficult if you have the right guide such as Jaro’s Route2jobs program with  you!

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Ace the competitive entrance exam with the right preparation

December 20, 2011 Leave a comment

Everyone is aware that India has the second largest population in the world. But how many are also aware that almost 50 per cent of this population is below the age of 20 years? A large young population means that there are going to be many people vying for the same seats at the university and again, the same number of people is going to be hunting for jobs at the same time and trying for those same positions. It is keeping in line with the heavy competition, that the system of the competitive entrance exam has been introduced.

Some competitive entrance exam is being held at all levels. If you are a school student hoping to gain admission into engineering or a medical college; or a university aspirant aiming for courses like mass media or if you are a university graduate hoping to enter a top level management institution, you are sure to face the competitive entrance exam.

But one competitive entrance exam that seems to have an attraction for the people across the country is the bank competitive exam. Held on an annual basis by all banks, these exams are the gateway to entering a fulfilling bank career. A bank career has always been and will always be a great attraction for many. With their trustable presence in every corner of the country, banks have gained the confidence of the people around. Also, the numerous opportunities they offer in terms of roles within the organisation make bank jobs worth trying for.

While bank job offers great career options, getting one is not so easy. At least if you are not prepared in the right manner. To be able to ace these exams, one needs to prepare oneself for it. One organisation that has been providing coaching classes for bank competitive exams is Jaro Education – Route2Jobs.

An ISO 9001 certified institution; Jaro Education trains students to take on the bank competitive entrance exam. Focusing on the different aspects of the exam which include test of Math and English, analyzing of the reasoning ability and checking for banking aptitude. As different parts of the test carry different weightage, the candidate has to be coached in allocating time properly and attempting questions intelligently.

To conclude, students studying from Jaro Education for their competitive entrance exam stand a higher chance of acing their competitive entrance exam.

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